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Custom Software and Database Design

Software and Database Applications


Custom programming to meet your specific needs

With experience writing applications for major universities, Fortune 500 companies and many small businesses, we are confident we can provide a custom program solution to meet your company's needs. We have written large applications to fulfill accounting, human resources and other business functions. Additionally, we also write smaller modules for new and existing applications.


We design scalable database solutions for you.

With the proliferation of SQL style databases it is crucial that your database be designed, implemented, maintained and backed-up properly. For many existing applications, that is not the case. Let us provide a complete database solution to meet your company's needs and keep your information secure.

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"L5 Solutions has taken the lead with us, charted our course and created a safe journey into those scary unknown waters of technology."

Nancy Lorenzano, Ph.D.
The Lorenzano Group
Indianapolis, IN

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Small Business Technology Service
We support your servers and computers,
manage network health and security,
provide custom software solutions to access your data,
and deliver proven recommendations for future needs.

Indianapolis computer service and IT support

We Fill the Gaps in Your Business Apps - Custom Application Solutions

Software and Database Design Focused on Security
C / C++ / C#
.NET Solutions
Visual Basic, VB, VB.NET
PHP Intranets & public web sites
Secure Solutions
Program Maintenance and changes

Microsoft SQL Server
MySQL and PostgreSQL
Access and Excel Migration
Normalized Databases
Scalable Solutions for Future growth

We provide custom application programming for business process flow, intranet access and more. We are proficient in C /C++ /C# and .NET, as well as ASP and PHP programming.

At L5 Solutions, we introduce security into our custom applications and programs from the beginning. With widespread use and easily accessible network packet sniffers, it is important to secure you data and properly authenticate user.

Focus on Security
We also integrate security into every aspect of your business to secure the network, the server and the client. We will secure your data using a layered approach with hardware and software firewalls, a clearly defined security policy for users and comprehensive backup routines.

Custom Software and Database Applications
Custom Programming Microsoft Small Business Specialist

We draw on years of programming experience as well as our business expertise to provide intuitive and efficient programs. Security is always integrated into our solutions from the beginning to address internal and external threats. We specialize in programs written in C/C++/C#, as well as .NET, VB, ASP, Java and PHP with backbend databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and others.
Database Design and Maintenance

We design normalized databases to improve efficiency and allow for logical growth and additions to the database in the future. All of our database work starts with a comprehensive requirements gathering for the business process. We then provide a schematic diagram of the database to allow input and verify we have the proper flow of data.

Custom Reports & Programming
  • Develop custom solutions your employees access by web browser (intranet or Internet)
  • Hosting your own web site on Windows Small Business Server
  • Custom Applications ASP/.Net/C/C++/C# PHP
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consideration
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